Photo by Nafise Motlaq
Photo by Nafise Motlaq

A smile illuminates the face
it is a welcoming gesture;
it transcends age and race
a welcome to green pasture.

 A smile shows delight
it’s a saluting sight;
be it day or night
it is always just right.

A smile is most enlightening
illumination ever so brightening;
shedding reassurance so inviting
making one ever more charming.

A smile is a sign of affection
the eyes such a warming reception;
but a smile is never a rejection
still sometimes it’s subtle objection.

A smile is so different to a grin
anybody can tell upon that sin;
A smile is so dissimilar to a smirk
anyone can tell when it irks.

Your smile says a lot, and why not?
Imagine sunshine cast upon pasture;
it is nourishing and not just hot
your smile is a precious gift of nature.