By the Bay

Blue Bay – painting by Dmitry Spiros

Sitting cosily along the pier by the bay
Watching lights flicker across the shore
So speedily time passes, so much to say
Wished time was on my side, a little more

Peace and tranquillity of body and mind
Cool breeze and a genial companion
Leaving my quandaries, scrapes behind
Thoughts flurry but only subtle opinions

Wished I could steal some time
For time flies when you’re happy
An hour so little as if only a chime
Holding hands; embracing only a jiffy

Oh how mere simple things can just elude
Often they feel most difficult to conclude
Yet man mounts the tallest peaks with ease
And fight the most arduous battles for peace

Precious moments are often rare
A gift of nature yet so elusive
Where circumstance can’t compare
And limitations get abusive

If I had a wish; let time be still
Or stretch beyond until
It gets wishfully numb
Until we eventually succumb

Wishful thinking is momentary bliss
Imaginings entrap ecstasy
Beloved moments are easy to miss
Unless one retracts into fantasy

Expected emptiness whelms me
Soon as she left
I just hope another time be
So that I may not be left bereft


Author: J. Sam Barr

Greetings from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

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