Poseidon’s Siren

Siren Awaits – Painting by Janie Mills

The gales of irresistibility, her poser
Enchanting, seductive and all prim
Haunting, hypnotic, drawing closer
Soothingly, she fills me up to the brim

Her deafening scream lures me
Sweeping me like a watery broom
Engulfing me, I can clearly see
Pulling me into the depths of doom

Can’t get her off my aching mind
Though I fight, the pull’s too strong
Tormenting, yet she’s wilfully kind
Am I right or alas sunken in wrong

She’s hankers to haunt depths free
Entrancing, she’ll keep on enticing
Breathing with the wind, you’ll see
A whirlpool, turmoil of depths twirling

Resist, I persist to defy and to deny
Shutting my ears, closing my heart
It’s arduous but I keep asking why
Only to keep from doom, keep apart

Author: J. Sam Barr

Greetings from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

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