Ankara Rose

Painting by Martha Kisling

So fine, fragrant and demure

is the rose from Ankara

As she’s composed and pure

far from the Sea of Marmara


Yet gentle are her features

her smile bright and inviting

Livening her face; no measures

could equate; she’s invigorating


From afar you can recognize

as if scenting in fine perfumery

Her charms are ever so nice

her manner gentle, she’ll carry


A rose is cusped with passion

a gentle flower, it’s fragile

Her name suiting in elation

she brings joys that’s so agile


Still there’s something mysterious

perhaps it’s in her demeanour

Or maybe the aura’s serious

but beneath she’s just so tender


Her eyes tell a story

glossy and full of life

Deep within lies a memory

of glory days; she’d survived


She’ll be silently ambitious

and gracious is her domain;

Soothing and surreptitious

the Ankara Rose shall remain

Author: J. Sam Barr

Greetings from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

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