Tan Beauty


Light of Zion by Steve Henderson


She strides with a beatific brisk
Sturdy yet classily seductively
As if she’ll take no cavalier risk
Diffident poised yet so elusively

Tan with her soft hair flowing
With such a warm graceful smile
A face so innocent and glowing
You could see her from a mile

Dressed impeccably, she carries well
Sometimes in jeans showing curvature
Sassy and toned your eyes easily tell
But even in skirts she’s an adventure

She’s silent yet wholly imposing
Petit yet alluring
No, you shan’t miss knowing
She’s here; her presence stroking

She carries a name so instilling
She’s altogether mesmerising
Always looking bright and sparkling
And so charismatically enchanting

She has a name, ever so befitting
You can’t imagine without seeing
That she’s indeed truly captivating
Where her presence can be igniting

Softly speaking her voice is music
To your ears and your mind wanders
That someone so prim and chic
Could command a presence of wonder

She hails from a land of splendour
Quite intriguing, somewhat mystical
Still beyond all she’s sheer ardour
Someone who could be so magical

Author: J. Sam Barr

Greetings from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

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