Jewel from Trabzon

Oil painting by Maria Folger
She walks ever so gently like a fairy
The wind brushes upon her flaming hair
Her thoughts faraway she carries
Meeting a friend waiting just there
She greets him with such tenderness
Slightly shy and maybe slightly pensive
Yet something glows in their eagerness
Unseen hands drives upon, it’s expressive
Her smile is like sunrise at dawn
So invigorating were her gestures
With eyes of jewels having spawn
Expression like an ensemble’s overture
She seems a kind and benevolent soul
Like a fairy with gentle beauty unseen
Such a calming delight one had to behold
It’s like serenity of nature I’ve never seen
For she is kind and compassionate
A marvel so rare in a world so old
Deep within I know she’s affectionate
Such novelty as if it was gold
It’s such a joy to be thought of fondly
In a realm of sadness and despair
A soul which glows ever so deeply
Treating a stranger with such care
She hails from a distant Trabzon
Finding her path to wonderful Izmit
I’m grateful our paths crossed – not forlorn
A friend in need is a friend indeed

Author: J. Sam Barr

Greetings from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

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