Far from home

Weary Traveller by Michael Cook
It’s a long, long way to where I’m going
Where’s my destination; I don’t quite know
Only my feet bring me; I’m just following
A thousand miles; a thousand more it’ll grow
Far from where I hail from; I’m still walking
Many lands I’ve seen; many more will show
I am a stranger wherever I venture
People are strange; I’m stranger still
As I move, I plant the seeds of adventure
Whether I’m vigorous and strong or plain ill
Over unfamiliar roads and odd pastures
A spinning wheel, I’ve been through the mill
Many people I meet, many more I’ll greet
Still I feel far from being a human being
Everybody has a home but I am flying sheet
Most are with families but I’m a sole thing
Everybody seems at ease but I feel indiscreet
Standing out like an exhibit in a circus ring
Are they entertainment for me or am I the jester
I can’t seem to figure out this point of stance
Never mind the puzzle, it just plainly festers
No, it’s not arrogance but plain ignorance
This land is theirs while I’m merely a tester
Delving deep into everybody’s tolerance
In essence I’m lost in a precipitous wilderness
Not knowing exactly where what is – vice versa
I’m recklessly trotting on potholes; it’s a mess
I’m stepping on toes, personas and charismas
Like a bungling cow in a china shop I lack finesse
But I am only hoping it’ll not become my dogma
I know not what is meant or which is meant
Or what to say and what not to say
Perhaps they have silent languages; they spent
Dos and don’ts knowing each and every way
But what can I say except that I’ll try to invent
Some secret code and begin to beam it all day
Viola! I may have struck a nerve or two
Pardon my impertinence; how am I to know
I’m but a dim-witted foreigner and languid too
Give me a horn and I’ll be sure to blow
Play the Mickey out of me, that too I’ll do
Just don’t harbour ill will and tell me to go


Author: J. Sam Barr

Greetings from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

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