Painting by Christina Ridgeway
The first time I saw her, I was deeply fascinated
There was something enduringly mesmerising
I wondered and I knew it was somewhat belated
Demure, she was mysteriously enchanting
It was her aura enfolded in ray’s luminosity  
a treasure laden galleon she smoothly sailed
With the wind as if en route to sheer grandiosity
She’s special one wonders whence from she hailed  
Why, how, when, where, what if, only questions
She grabs my attention away, my eyes just stray
I have vivid memories yet in fuzzy recollections
Knowing I was helplessly lured to look her way
Rarely does somebody draw your attention
in a way as if to foretell, like a solemn omen
So near yet so far, in a mysterious dimension
As if for a moment the obscured future opens
It feels like your frail soul is suddenly jolted
Like the saying someone walked over your grave
Leaving you restless but with attention bolted
Something is telling what you know you crave
It’s like a hazy, blurry glimpse into the future
A message in riddles, yet with some clarity
Something you are familiar with, yet not sure
Still it’s commanding, powerful as gravity
Whatever will be, will be; shan’t be, can’t be
Perhaps we were close mates in another life
Or lovers we shared, but was not meant to be
This our chance given divinely, another strife

Author: J. Sam Barr

Greetings from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

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