A brief passage through Fujian

This is a simple pictorial journey so let the photos do the talking. It may not be NatGeo quality pictures but nevertheless …………


Christmas Eve – Shantou. Look at their horns.
Shopping square – Shantou
Pretty & pleasant ladies to usher you.
Crystal coated strawberries and baby apples.
Road into shopping square – Shantou
It’s Christmas
Real cheesy and stretchy pizza. Eat with gloves.
Overseas Hotel. Good deal for Y150. – Shantou
Old Shantou. Undergoing massive reconstruction.
Old Shantou
Old Shantou
Old Shantou
Old Shantou
Old Shantou
Old Shantou
Old Shantou
Old Shantou
Old post office turned into a museum – Old Shantou
7 Stars Hotel. Beside a supermarket. Good deal for Y160. Xiamen
Ferry terminal to Gulangyu (pron. Gulangyi) Island – Xiamen
Exhibition on Gulangyu’s history in the ferry terminal.
Renowned foreign Christian missionaries of Gulangyu; and there are more.
Some 500 people board a ferry every 20 mins.
Ferry terminal with part of Xiamen city in the background.
Another part of Xiamen city in the background.


Beach on Gulangyu Island.
Sunrise Rock – Highest point at Gulangyu.
Getting up Sunrise Rock, Gulangyu.
View of the old town of Gulangyu – view from Sunrise Rock. Xiamen in the background.
No motorised vehicles and certainly no cars and even electric bikes allowed on the the island.
The greener side of the old town of Gulangyu and another stretch of beach.
More greens on Gulangyu.
Always fresh flowers, even in winter.
Couldn’t resist a selfie!
Yup, real and huge lovebirds.
Western footprint and influence at Gulangyu are indelible.
Yes, just in case it lands on somebody’s head!
Into the heart of the old town of Gulangyu.
Western architectural designs in many stately buildings at Gulangyu
Strolling through a street in the old town.
Xiamen’s miles and miles of walkways aligned with trees and always kept clean.
Xiamen has beautiful roads, highways and tunnels; and mostly very clean.
Roads are frequently washed.
Always kept clean
There is so much green in the city.
Drinking fountains at a bus stop.
Bus terminal. You’d need to pass through E-ray scanners, metal detectors and wait at the waiting room before proceeding to the gates for boarding.
China’s answer to Smart.
And more.
….and more …..
….. and …….
One of my favourite restaurants near my hotel in Xiamen.
Greens fried just with garlic and salt. Taste great.
Pork filled momos for Y8.
Chopsticks sanitizers. You find them in most restaurants.
Street where the restaurant and coffee place is located.
A big cup of Americano costs Y18. Quality is comparable to Starbucks.
Inside looking out, Canetree.
Here’s that coffee smile!
Square leading to my hotel.
7 Stars Hotel on the left beside a supermarket. Y160.
Old Xiamen
Old Xiamen
This is interesting. Old Xiamen
Old Xiamen.
Old Xiamen
Old Xiamen
Old Xiamen
Old Xiamen
Church in Old Xiamen.
Old Xiamen
Old Xiamen. Wait till we get to the fresh food market.
Getting into the historical Hakka roundhouses site at Tulou.
Tulou is 2.30 hrs. by bus, west of Xiamen.
These roundhouses go back to the Ming dynasty.
There are few of these houses with a square one as well.
One for the album!
Sturdy, they were designed and built to house multiple families.
Fortified, they provide security for the occupants.
The ground floor is the kitchen
Take a peek inside.
Many ground floor units have turned into tea shops.
Guan Yin alter.
Local and Hong Kong tourists.
Typical well where residents used to draw water from.
A roundhouse beside a square house.
Inside the courtyard of a square house.
More of the interior alleyways.
Walkway going round and round.
…. and round …..
Round and square.
Persimmons drying in the sun. Tons of them on sale here.
Journey into Xiamen’s fresh produce market begins.
These locally grown mangoes are humongous!
Besides an array of fruits, loads of strawberries are on sale.
All that you could possibly think of.
These oysters are bigger than saucers.
Squid of all sizes.
Scallops for the discerning!
Shellfish of various varieties.
Freshwater fish. We have been on the outside. Let’s venture inside.
It is huge. There are 4 of such wings of the interior.
And another wing.
Solid taufu or bean curd.
Yes, these are taufu too.
Ducks, geese and black chicken.
Goat, sold by whole leg.
Whole pig tail from the lower spine onwards.
Venturing out again. Local delis.
These chillies are huge and probably about 14 inches long. Compare them to the already big capsicums.
These chunks of cauliflower comes from a larger chunk.
Mushrooms the size of discuses.
Chewy seaweed.
Baby lobsters
Shellfish that look like prawns but aren’t.
Another variety of the shellfish of the preceding picture.
Shellfish galore
More lobsters of a different variety.
And if you fancy gator steak it’s available too but you’d have to cook it yourself.
Slippery eels
Halved eel-fish.
These conch shellfish are huge. Compare them to the stool.
Oyster galore
You would find bigger sized fishes on sale easily.
Decent sized groupers and other fish.
He called me Kwei Loh and when I spoke to him in dialect he insisted I accept his stick of cigarette!
More fish chunks for the taking.
And more bigger ones still.
These partially blue fish seems to have got wings.
These fish heads are so fresh, they are still gasping.
Ready-to-eat ducks.
Black rats for dinner. They are huddled together since it’s winter.
Lapcheong – Chinese pork sausages.
Yellow pitaya or dragon fruit – the sweetest of all 3 varieties.
These are strange looking wild blueberries.
More Chinese mangoes.
Lunching with my new friend Jay and his sister on Gangsu cuisine.
Jay is a young and already successful Android software engineer while his sister at 14 is still in school
Gangsu pasta topped with sauce. Tastes pretty Italian I must admit.
Cold dish and sweet sticky rice.
Mutton broth to keep you warm in winter, especially Gangsu’s biting winter.
Beef kebabs at a neighbourhood market.
Simply delicious and a steal at Y6.
Mini paus at Y8 for 8.
Pork belly with preserved vegetables. Portion can feed 3 easily.
A meal of squid, duck thigh, soup and rice.
Or if you like you can have steaks. This comes as a set.
With soup, salad , bun and sweet tea.
Salad bar. Those are not cherry tomatoes but young mandarins and dressing is corn or strawberry.
Steak restaurant in Zhongzhou.
Y36 steak in a restaurant within Lotus departmental store – Shantou
First time ever I’ve had flaky pastry pizza. Fortunately the coffee was complimentary.
Take your pick and dine with rice and soup.
So many choices.
And more!
……. and more ……
……… and more still …………..
Ready-to-eat geese
The hotel I stayed in at Zhangzhou some 1.30 hrs. from Xiamen.
Good deal for Y148.
Well located, the ancient city is within walking distance.
The old part of Zhangzhou aptly called the Ancient City.
You can take a short rest before getting into the ancient city.
There are no modern shops here.
No vehicles except for bikes are allowed in.
You only find all the traditional traders here. No frills.
Restaurants are simple and serve only traditionally foods.
Wooden planks from wall to wall serve as doors.
It’s actually quite relaxing walking through the ancient city.
An old temple in the Ancient City.
Looking out from the temple.
More alleys in the ancient city.
Closer view of the granite arch.
Away from the ancient city you’d come across colonial-style architecture.
Downtown shopping district.
Commemorating the 88 Olympics.
Loads of bikes for rent.
A good way to beautify those ugly electrical boxes.
The magic of the Blues is everywhere.
Crystal sugar covered strawberries and baby apples.
Here comes the coating.
Rounded rather than sharp edges are Feng Shui friendly.

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