The Willows Wept

Photo by Nafise Motlaq
The willows wept for me as the seasons sallow
Turning clarity into incomprehensible obscurity
Where the joys of living retreat to become shallow
Taking with them all that matters to purity
Why do the trees look so disconsolate and gloomy?
Where the lush green grass turn brown in demise
As the leaves perish crestfallen all very ominously
With the sun hopelessly distant looking for reprise
The sweet colourful birds don’t sing anymore
Giving way to howling winds and skies so teary
The glistening fishes retreat feeling chilled and sore
And everything turns glum and weary
The orchestra of nature becomes silent
Soon darkness overcomes ever so crippling
With piercing cold seeking no consent
Making your senses blurred and numbing
In reminiscence I recall upon warmer days’ passing
When the sky was still blue and sun shining brightly
Seeing all life flourish, blooming and gleaming
And love was abound and comforting spiritedly
Weep not for a day shall come, in illumination
A day when dormant life shall again spring
With colourful flowers enveloping the horizon
And abounding joy that nature’s love shall bring

Author: J. Sam Barr

Greetings from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

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