Butterflies are free

Blue Butterfly on Lantana Plant by Elaine Plesser
Lofting along in the rays of the sun; they fly
flapping their wings so very delicately, past noon
They are nature’s beautiful creatures; but why
were they so repugnant before casting their cocoon?
Butterflies are free to fly; on they go by and by
In the night they huddle far from prancing eyes
only to emerge from slumber in the morning sky
and gradually leave without ever saying goodbye
 Adorning colours of such breathtaking shades
such vibrant tones that no paint could capture
With averred designs of flamboyance and charades
pleasing one’s eyes way yonder in dizzying aperture
Landing gracefully upon petals and leaves
they whisk away just when you appear near
On to another leaf or flower they breathe
but before long on they fly and soon disappear
Existing as though in a fairy’s wonderland
they are innocent and fragile as if with a smile
For these wonders of creation look so grand
just as God had painted them all this while 
Soon comes a day they fall to the ground
flying no more they become stolid and expire
Pitifully they live short lives; soon mortal bound
to conjure a fate of an exquisite tumbling spire

Author: J. Sam Barr

Greetings from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

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