Hearts’ Visions

LYIA META – Singer, Songwriter & Artist extraordinaire
Liven up yourself and see with your heart
though blind as sight goes, there’s apt vision
Seeing withal blind right from the very start
before your eyes could see, there was passion
It’s where your soul assents to and resides
knowing no colour, creed, race nor religion
It sees not age or wealth but there it presides
upon depth of feel and consuming sensation
Its beats are keenly overseen by consciousness
and its pace reigned by endeavours
Subsisting as life’s giver, maintainer and liveliness
it sustains verve and vim in total vigour
It is not blind but views with sheer innocence
at times it’s odious when transgressed upon
For there lies our sensitivity and conscience
where nothing we know is in comparison
It breaches the mind but still is in unison
not harbouring logic but instead, instincts
Able to bring to bear mystified premonitions
at times overbearing and so very distinct
It’s passionate, fervent, obsessive and fanatical
yet sometimes so appeased and at times fiery
It can be most forgiving or perversely radical
and ardently protects its very own periphery
Alas, can be erratic, mercurial and unpredictable
much like volatility with a mind of its own
Capable of endearingly forgetting it’s forgivable
or steadfastly resent, begrudge and disown
Capable of liking and disliking in equal intensity
taking offense, be antipathetic and bitter
It can injure easily and with grave propensity
take care with hurtful words you may utter
Your heart delivers silent and salient messages
listen to it if you will; yet there lurks danger
Still in togetherness with the mind’s passages
it will surely be cared for by life’s arrangers

Author: J. Sam Barr

Greetings from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

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