Misty morning

Misty morning on the Seine-Monet


It’s the morning of the day; hazy
a film of obscurity envelopes the land
Blurring your sight; the sun’s lazy
peeping through neither weak nor grand
The silhouettes of hills are barely visible
still you hear noises of sorts
It’s the awakening; all seems possible
all is left to wonder but nothing to retort
From afar fishes plop gently out of the water
you could hear them but yet not see
The landscape comes alive, slowly it caters
to vision and imagination; all could be
The sounds of nature abound to comprise
alluding; such a rejuvenating feel surrounds
The air becomes clear and crisp; it’s sunrise
soon a sunny morning comes around
It’s a holy ground of natural wonder
the hills begin to reveal steeply bearing
Majestic bunds; they make you ponder
and gleaming leaves everywhere faring
This is the morning of my life too
it’s the crack of another fine day
There’s so much to say, much to do
so much to accomplish and to allay
A painting of a picture that unfolds
foretelling of many events to come
Of stories to come and of stories untold
and what that’s yet to become
The misty morning wanes; before me
a brighter day quickly takes form
As mysterious as the shades be
it all fades away, now I need to conform

Author: J. Sam Barr

Greetings from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

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