Autumn kisses

Painting by Stephen Lyman
Come my sweetness,
come lie beside me
For in my sanctuary,
I’ll be happy as can be
I seek the contentment,
of home sweet home
Hold me and encase my soul,
in your love’s dome
The weather is changing,
I feel chilly, cold
My body needs your warmth,
your heart of gold
Colder yet it shall get,
this’s but a precursor
Stay with me, and be love’s
benevolent intercessor
The leaves are moribund turning
red, orange, yellow, brown
Like coloured flakes, they wither
and fall woefully down
My heart feels pensive and lonely,
I know not why
Sometimes it’s so acutely lonely
I feel I could cry
Hold me in your arms, comfort me,
mollify me, enrich me
In the warmth of your enfold
is just where I wanna be
Soothe my achingly brooding spirit
with your tenderness
Don’t let my chilling emptiness
be mercilessly relentless
I dread the oncoming bitterly cold
and wet winter
Morbid, eerie stillness and frozen
shall be all water
Where it seems like death’s knocking
on the door
Like a curled child, I’ll be cowering
coldly on the floor
Let me kiss your sensual lips
so warm, so inviting
In your embrace I know no fear
it’s all so invigorating
No chills but a glowing furnace
of your love’s propensity
Endow me with your gift of love
and glorify our inviolable sanctity

Author: J. Sam Barr

Greetings from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

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