Masked Dancers

Joy Forever by Don Michael Jr.

From behind the curtains they prepare
Getting ready to perform their show
Leaving you guessing and in a stare
Guessing their identity; you shan’t know

One by one they emerge and mysteriously
Chiding with their moves provocatively
Leaving you awed but in curiosity
That they can pretend so attentively

Onto the crowd they covetously mingle 
Soon they just blend in and disappear
But they are there dancing their jingle
You feel their breath ever so near

Oh how they blend in a crowd of masked
All the spectators are defaced too
You’ll see no faces even when you ask
Adorning veneers of deception is all they do

We exist in a cunning world of theatrics
What you see is what you don’t get
Most that you see are prancing antics
Not a moment should you ever forget

Blend in or be demonised in treachery
If you are not with them; it’s against them
Play the game; ride the audacious machinery
Lest you be outcaste; lest you be condemned

The place of the bare-faced is the sidelines
There you’ll be entertained but in pain
Realizing how fraudulent the scheme combines
Leaving you dejected and in sullied stain

The mass all partake in the masked dance
They are in tune; in step and in tandem
The sidelines are cold; devoid of chance
The dancers take pot shots there at random

They’ll stone you and you know not who cast
You’ll be cajoled to wriggle and dance along   
But stand your ground and stake to last
Withstand the torrents of temptation; be strong 

Soon all the masks would decay and peel
Along with some facial skin that adhered
And the look will be uglier than a mouldy reel
Truth revealed; nudity exposed to pander

Author: J. Sam Barr

Greetings from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

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