Treaded in Maraud

Reflection – Acrylic & Mixed Media by Karen Nunis Blackstone


The echelons march in tandem voice
into a land, in pride and conquest
There they stand akimbo poise
to trample on the meek in behest

The weak is of no consequence
nay, neither their cries ever heard
For they live in jeopardy’s subsequence
treaded upon by a rampaging herd

No cries or screams are tolerated
just a damning desperation resounds
No pleas ever to be reverberated
like the bells of hell abound

Children matter not, women seen not
just a flaming jargon of cinders erupts
It’s hell, Hades or just an abyss so hot
all bloodbath and bedlam direly erupt

Where can they scurry hastily?
Nowhere to run but crouch in fear
their screams heard far and eerily
yet their saviour is never near

Oh Lord, why have thou forsaken them?
Their only wrong is to be born here
Still it’s not their choice to be condemned
to a place of a perpetual dark sphere

Seems their days are oddly numbered
their only folly is to have blindly believed
But why are they gorily encumbered
for in goodness they trusted they’d achieve


Author: J. Sam Barr

Greetings from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

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