Zealots & Harlots

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The zealots march to imaginary drums
like harlots scurrying to a lone man
Pounding with words and humdrums
wanting to mislead as much, they can

They’re God’s lowly creatures of foul flesh
even vultures and scavengers a class above
Their emanating stench an unbearable lash
upon our backs they leave tracks, their love

They peck each other just to hold office
drawing blood without a care in the world
They stamp their cynical faces on edifices
wishing to sell sordid stories, they’re bold

Some look upon them as adoring leaders
others despise them as liars and cheaters
Woefully they still command high esteem
transgressions, misdeeds never to redeem

Why are humans so damned gullible;
so easy to fool; so easy to rule?
They are like sheep running from trouble
without a shepherd they think they’re mules

The whore of whores shall always tempt
promising and pleading with wanton lies
They have no conscience, only contempt
shameless, no principles, ridden by flies

Soon comes their passing and farewell
21 canons roar across the nation
Hungry maggots await their putrid smell
to devour them, sharing hefty portions 



Author: J. Sam Barr

Greetings from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

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