Chapter 13 – The Micro Scheme

Some power somewhere surely has a very strong sense of wanting to see the Grand Scheme through by creating the Micro Scheme. It’s a whole world, down there and where our source exists in sheer harmony in wanting to see things through. Two of such micro-worlds are best illustrated by the “ovarian and scrotum worlds”. They are independently-functioned and most importantly without them, the human being just simply can’t exist. Still they are part of a larger system of purpose; and function in unison even in their micro-worlds to pointedly serve a greater purpose.

Human ovaries. Image: Ed Uthman

By the time a girl is born, she would already be carrying some 1-2 million eggs in her ovaries but only 300 or so would reach maturity and be released. The ovary is comprised of various size cystic structures while the overall size of the ovary is barely 3-5cm long. The ovary is therefore like a planet for all the eggs with other composite production facilities. The ovarian cycle goes through the follicular and luteal phases and the egg travels through a vast expanse.

If not fertilised, it will degenerate while its expulsion is accompanied by such an extravagant and torrential sea of blood as seen in menstruation. After all, blood is the very essence of life and yet so much can be shed just to accompany an ovum in its death. One can’t help but wonder why it all becomes so vivid and dramatic as if to proclaim a great tragedy had occurred in that conception did not take place and the message conveyed in blood; or perhaps to aggrandise upon its significance.

The scrotum: Image from Wikimedia Commons

The scrotum on the other hand, is a whole big world happening down there too. It’s a complex network of highways and production facilities. Just like the Earth is in perpetual motion and orbiting around the Sun to sustain life, the scrotum constantly moves too and adjusts to desirable temperatures essential for the survival and wellbeing of sperms. This is typically 1 or 2 degrees Celsius below normal body temperature. Watching it with the naked eye, you can easily see it moving like a retreating snail and even gyrate internally as if to remind you that it’s functioning involuntarily off your conscious control.

This micro-world produces some 12 billion sperms in a month and it takes about 70 days for sperm to be produced. Hence in a man’s lifetime, his testicles inside his scrotum produce about 12 trillion sperms in total. In reality, it’s an entire world down there and it works in interconnected-conjunction with a separate entity outside the scrotum called the prostate gland: which provides the fluid and fuel as well as environmental neutraliser for sperms to carry out their mission. The human body is like a galaxy to the micro scheme and this “galaxy” much like the galaxies of the Universe dies with time.


Conferences of the Impregnators

The Ova Conference begins with the communication of biology and instincts in the ovaries where some 1-2 million of them reside. To relay this in more illustrative comprehensibility let’s treat each of them as an individual and visualise one of them as the symbolical Queen and the rest just ordinaries. So the Queen “speaks” to all of them to prepare them for what lies ahead and their vitally essential contribution to the Grand Scheme.

In another conference, a batch of sperms confers and symbolically led by the Predisposed Prince. There can’t ever be a king since sperms come in batches to be released. Prior to each release, a prince is commissioned to lead the army.

Human ovum examined fresh in the liquor folliculi. (Waldeyer.) The zona pellucida is seen as a thick clear girdle surrounded by the cells of the corona radiata. The egg itself shows a central granular deutoplasmic area and a peripheral clear layer, and encloses the germinal vesicle, in which is seen the germinal spot. * Henry Gray (1918) Anatomy of the Human Body

Impulsive Ova Queen    

“Now listen closely all of you! We have a mission and it has been programmed into our very existence. I have been with all of you from way before our host was even born and many among us have been eagerly waiting for her development. While she developed, we also developed in tandem; and from only about 60,000 of us initially, we have by now become probably 2 million strong. Now our mission draws near. We all have the same mission and would be mobilised in regularise intermittence. However, here is the sad part. Most of us won’t be mobilised at all and out of our great numbers only about 300-400 might ripen and be mobilised to further our cause. The rest of you would remain dormant and yes, I am in the equation too and may be chosen or I may lie dormant.”

“Soon enough, one by one of you chosen few would be making a voyage and mostly at regular intervals. Do remember that your voyage would be an “O & O” or “one and only” voyage. It’s final! You shall traverse through a long tunnel. It will take its time and be informed that there would be visitors coming into the tunnel and they will be competing hard against one another to penetrate your outer shell and deliver their payload. By all means, play hard to get and we will make them even more frantic by releasing a fragrant scent called progesterone which they love so much and simply can’t resist.”

“What my instincts tell me is that there would be so very many of them making the journey to come visit the tunnel but only a very few will get that far. That also means they are the strongest among the strong. It’s a big competition for them to woo you and then without any warning will want to penetrate you and join with you. But don’t worry, it’s a nice feeling.”

“Here’s the thing. Only one will manage to penetrate you and the moment it gets through, your outer wall will reinvigorate and permanently shut out all other visitors. The head of the visitor will pop to release enzymes to allow it to cross through your protein barrier and upon piercing you it will deliver its DNA payload of genetic blueprint. But do be informed that their payload contains only half the ingredients for the ultimate mission while you would be carrying the other half. So, both of you have got to cooperate and work closely together and I can assure you that your efforts will lead to something so huge and unimaginably complex. Yes, you would actually be playing big, big roles!”

“And there’s more. Upon fusion, both of you will be called a zygote and transform into a blastocyst which is actually a hollow structure. You, zygote then will make a four day journey down the tunnel which is actually called the fallopian tube, and towards the uterus to latch on in a process known as implantation. The uterus will be both your new home for a while. Do understand that in this short period, so many things can or could have gone wrong. It’s going to be a long road filled with hazards with so much of progress taking place. So even if you have managed thus far the process to your final destination to be accomplished by ejection, so many things could go wrong and render the mission a failure.”

“Getting back to what I was saying, the mass of cells inside it, the zygote, will turn into a new thing called an embryo – while the outer wall will become the placenta, as well as house other nutrient-providing tissues to nourish the foetus as it develops. This is where you will continue to develop and grow with uncountable things happening in and to you where after you will be ejected in due course in a process called birth of a human. Before I conclude, I would like to remind you that others like you would be playing similar roles and be born as a number of so many other variants of life forms other than human. Consider yourself very, very privileged.”

“So good luck to all of us and may we be impregnated”!


Human sperms. Image from Creative Commons

Predisposed Spermatozoa Prince    

“Hear ye…hear ye! There are so many of you and more and more keeps coming. You all are a lively bunch, aren’t you? And a bit rowdy I must add! You might all feel proud that you are such excellent swimmers but there’s going to be only one winner for this imminent race. Only in very rare occasions would we have 2 or 3 winners but again, only one for each “globe” you that are racing towards. Sooner or later all of you here are going to be squirted out because you will have to make room for the next army due here probably within the next few days or even hours. Yes, no time to be resting on your laurels because this is a mighty busy place.”

“Now listen! I am your leader and it’s important that we get our bearings right to prepare ourselves for the journey that’s soon to come. We are a huge army. We are some 250 million strong and all of us have the same mission to accomplish. I can promise you that it’s going to be one great big race! Our challenges will be great and so many obstructions would beset our paths. It would be total frenzy.”

“The environment is going to be hostile – to say the least, while the place we would be invading will have its own army of defenders. They are ferocious and bent on annihilating us. They are strong and many among us will perish along the way. We will have the swim of our lives and I am sad to say, it will be our last swim. Yes for all of us; no more swimming, ever, after that! Our host here will transport us in a sea for us to swim in, and it will deliver the entire sea for us to swim inside our new host. You can call it a transfer and the sea would provide us with fuel. If this sounds confusing, don’t bother as like it or not, you’d be guided by instincts.”

“All of us will carry a pack in our heads and should anyone of us reach our destination and find the target, we are supposed to deliver our pack right inside and unload it over there. Look out for a big globe-like thing inside a vast and long tunnel. From the way I see it, perhaps only 5 or 6 of us will get close enough to the globe. Don’t worry about your comrades because almost all of them would have perished along the way, some stranded, some exhausted all their power and some just lost. You will have to rigorously wag your tail about 200 times a minute but can only cover about 3mm of distance with that.”

“Remember, if you survive their waves of defenders, you may live for maybe another 5 days and then die of natural causes. Should you get ejected out of your host, you my then live for no more than a few fleeting seconds. Dicey, it’s all together very dicey and we don’t have a choice. No worries since you are all wired with instincts and know what you would have to do. No, we don’t have maps but you may be guided by an irresistible fragrance. Like I said it’s all in your wiring.”

“You would be on a mission. Those that send us on this mission are so hyped-up that it works out. That’s why they are sending so many of us just to accomplish one task and that’s to deliver our payload. We would be sent with such force too together with the entire sea just to make sure we swim as close to the target as possible. For those mighty few that get close to the globe, your mission is to pierce it with your heads and that will not be easy as well”.

“The outer shell will seem so impenetrable but try with all your might and once any one of us gets through, the outer shell with become completely impenetrable after that. This is because they need only one payload and that’s all. That too, the payload you would be carrying is only half of what’s needed for the next step of the ultimate mission. This is such and the other half is already inside the globe waiting for your arrival.”


Should all of you fail in this difficult and arduous mission, then the next army might try the same. Also, some of these so-called missions are meant to be futile and abortive anyway because our kind still gets sent there even after previous armies have accomplished their mission and the globe is completely shut off.  Such is our vocation but nonetheless, every single one of us has only one thing in life to do. Yes, only one thing to accomplish in life and that’s to pierce that globe! Just to indicate how important accomplishment of the mission is, our world in our host will have a population of about 12 trillion in our host’s lifetime. Comprehend?”

“So, may the piercing be with us”!


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