Rupture Within

Hide and Seek – acrylic on canvas by Lyia Meta


Rupture of the deep, my heart feels locked-in
Submerged in an ocean of no escape; no respite
From the strange feeling I’m trapped within
Feels like I’m about to be consumed; despite
Knowing that many scars had worn it thin
From years of burden; beholden like a cursed rite

I seemed to have lost it and keep on seeking
As if it lay hidden in some abyss somewhere
Leaving only some sort of erratic feel and pining
Feelings that I don’t comprehend, but are there
Confusing me at times; and at others whining
Yearning for composure and goodness to compare

 As elusive as can be, it’s hard to withhold
Since the rupture can venomously be infectious   
And cause a corruption of mind, body and soul
Leading to an insurrection so damningly contagious
 Alas, finding my stranded heart and nursing it whole
The only option that brink on the entirely obvious

 For my heart is not mine to definitively possess
It has been trusted upon me as an instrument
Of melange and miscellany to receive and redress   
To ingest each and every single moment
And to share my feel, desires and to address
All that’s loathsome, virtuous, noble and decent


It’s the entity that embodies faith and hope
Compassion, altruism, sacrifice, love and piety
With an endless depth of containment, it’ll cope
Differentiate between righteousness and impropriety
Absorbing all the essence in, as wide a scope
Where my conscience resides in utter grandiosity

Author: J. Sam Barr

Greetings from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

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