River Runs Deep

Oil painting by Dominique Amendola

The river runs deep in surreptitious turmoil

Over the falls she erupts with torrents

Down the valley she subdues yet toils

And into the sea she churns the currents


The flood of emotions and passion

Breathing life as if they seek compassion

Only to find the chills of desertion

Only to weep as if a cry in desolation


But trudge on as she may

Till the calmness of depth comes her way

She strides to be one with dismay

Till the end of days there she’ll stay


Yet beautiful as the oceans can be

It’s the abode of fishes and sea creatures

So colourful and magnificent you’ll see

Such majestic shades of apertures


For even an artist so brilliant can’t convey

Such hews and shades of colours

More than man could ever create

For it’s a masterpiece of God’s contours


Hitherto man shall learn

That in no way can he compete

Love, sorrow, fulfilment and yearn

Possess beauty to make them complete

Author: J. Sam Barr

Greetings from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

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