Sail Away

Sailing Away by Leonid Afremov

Sail away into the horizon across the sea and on
Farther away from all forms of modern civilization
Floating in an expanse of clear water and beyond
Into a lonely world where only sea creatures mention

The colours amaze and dwell without disturbance
Every direction looking just plain as the other
A sphere where waves churn in stark turbulence
And torrents of disarray agitate to bother

Across a vast expanse that pities no man
Many have perished in their failed conquest
Blown to nether land like a bitter ban
No prayers answered, not even humble request

The mighty ocean; never ending nor receding
It’s depths an abyss of bottomless fathom
Man has cried and died in midst of pleading
But swallowed in whole by the watery phantom

Petrified as you may be; there’s yet another side
One that’s calm, beautiful and peaceful
Like all things, there’re two sides a wide
One is benign and the other stays baneful

This is a world where lonely hearts retreat to
Far from the audacity of courageous living
There is so much yet simply nothing to do
And there’s so little yet so much of a being

Author: J. Sam Barr

Greetings from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

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