Strings of Wonder

An arrangement of six; sometimes twelve
They resonate with magical delight
Vibrating tunefully the more you delve
Ringing and singing; fingers taking flight

Making sweet love to one at a time
Or rummaging through all six at once
With your fingers caressing; they chime
Accompanied by soulful voices, they’ll pounce

Echoing from deep within they’re haunting
It’s akin to an eerie howl, a shriek or cry
With tones and harmonies that’s captivating
Slick or rugged; slippery wet or dry

These ramifying strings seem so alive
With melodies of crystal sonic deliverance
Could be a buzzing like bees in their hive
Or a pitched sustain of supernatural sustenance

Shaped like a sultry woman of divine curvature
You feel her as she seductively breathes life
When she is aroused you’ll ride an adventure
Until your soul cries out; she’s an amorous wife

But some days you can’t seem to strike a chord
She’s moody and reluctant; sulky and hesitant
Unable to invoke her spirit; there’s such discord
Standing her ground; unyielding and recalcitrant

Neigh, she’s not to blame; Oh, what a shame
For it’s me that’s unworthy; my feel doesn’t jive
Dreary or dull stands for my middle name
No matter if six is dully turned to nine or five

Many greats have stroked her with such passion
Many more will be born to find her irresistible
For she’s the queen that entices melodic motion
Cajoling for play like a lover that’s incontestable

Author: J. Sam Barr

Greetings from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

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