Chapter 12 – Fuzzed Origin

So we’ve all come to the realisation that an individual can be directly and indirectly responsible for the loss of millions of lives? These are human lives by the way and not livestock or poultry. Where did these individuals come from and were they sort of tuned to commit what they committed or were those consequential events for taking the ugliest turns and detours somewhere along the way of living?

Were those population decimations accidental, consequential or destined? Maybe, just maybe, it has been and shall continue to be instrumental to the Grand Scheme of creation and existence. Let us venture into the realm of pre-birth in a graphic humanistic analogy made comprehensible for the worldly human mind.

Briefings on the Macro Scheme

The Grand Scheme is the totality of existence. It is the destiny of the Universe wherefore to substantiate and justify its very existence in the dimension we call reality. Integral to this reality is time and events. Scientists believe in a parallel universe as they do in wormholes which are actually reductive shortcuts overcoming galactic distances in space.

The briefing of the “Grand Scheme” takes place in the spiritualistic realm of the parallel universe preparing souls to be sent to our world. It deals with the purpose of births into a three-dimensional world called planet Earth – or as some aptly put it “the third rock from the Sun” – and death shall be our way out. The briefing was something that happened preceding our births and once born into planet Earth, all previous memory would be erased. It’s much like the scene where the recording had self-destroyed after Mr. Phelps was briefed in Mission Impossible.

Our scene here is just a inestimably miniscule fragment of the entire briefing of souls destined here and would be imminently united with their rides we call human bodies. All of them are given some basic intel relevant to their mission. This scene is a briefing of just 100 souls being briefed by the group minder we shall call “The Consul” and the souls are known by numbers before their names actually materialise after birth.

Visual representation of the soul. Image from: with-omraam

The Consul Briefs

“Alright you souls numbered 1 to 100. We are gathered here today because I have received instructions from my superiors to prepare you all for a mission and this briefing is merely for orientation purposes. Let’s get our bearings right. You all know for a fact that you exist primarily because you are a very microscopic part of the Great Soul. Where we would be sending you, most of your predecessors there have named him “God”. Some have given him other names but it all boils down to the same thing and that’s our Ultimate Boss.”

“All of you have a mission and you would be judged by how well you accomplish your actual mission but do bear in mind that there are a lot of challenges and deviations that have been placed there to misdirect and deviate you from your mission. Why that is so is because we need reliable components to be infused into the Grand Soul for his purpose which I am not at liberty to tell you because of your ordinary rank. It’s what you will call a need to know basis only. You souls know what goes on in the management level and the practice that they don’t always tell you everything but what they figure you should or are entitled to know, only.”

“There are basically only 2 types of vehicles you fellas are going to ride, where you would be sent to. They call them bodies over there. The 2 types of bodies are something they call sex or gender. One type will be called male and the other, female. Males and females will join bodies from time to time and feel great pleasure and mostly with happiness. But sometimes, it’s traumatic and with great pain and anguish when it’s forced upon. That is necessary because we need more bodies for more souls to ride in to accomplish their missions. Also, as time passes, there will be more and more bodies on Earth and more and more souls will be sent there. Presently, there are over 7 billion of them already.”

“You souls ought to understand that we have various uses for you once you get back here after your mission. Some of you may get promoted to supervisory roles, like mine for instance, while some may go into management, while some may also go to more drudging departments. But remember, we all have a job to do and no matter how long it takes, we would still have to finish it.”

Photo by: Nafise Motlaq

“Alright, Soul number 1! You will be called Tony which is short for Anthony. That is going to be the name your parents ..….. hmm…., let’s see, alright, parents are like bosses, will be giving you. We have programmed them to do so.”

“Now all of you listen closely because this affects all of you as well. Yes, every single one. Now this is the thing. I repeat, you are all souls but this mission requires you to possess and utilise a vehicle called a body. It’s quite hard to explain to you what a body is except that you need it to accomplish your respective missions and we have a way where we have established over there that produces many bodies for souls. Yes, not just this 100 but for the other souls going there as well. You can’t choose your body because your mission is reliant upon what sort of body we allocate to you. It’s all in the Grand Scheme of things and as I said earlier, on a need to know basis only.”

“After this briefing, we will be transmitting you all into the respective bodies and timing is of the essence because you would need to be in the respective bodies at a particular time just after it is formed. But the body is a very peculiar thing. It is fragile and yet it is strong and there is such a thing as birth and death. Birth is when you can use your own body by yourself and death is when your body cannot be used anymore. In short, you’d have to discard it. Then you would be back here but through the Debriefing Section. You will come across something they call time which is moving incessantly and your body and everything else on Earth abide by it. No exception and with time and in time, you all will be coming back here. Just ride on time while it’s moving and complete your mission as much as possible.”

“Your body will have a lot of accessories and a central communication exchange plus an information storage facility. The back-up system is here so we would be getting all the information as it goes through the central communication exchange. We would also be analysing the information upon receiving it. Your body will be equipped with 5 senses but some of you might get less. Some may even have more but the so-called sixth sense is just an extension of the 5.”

“All of you will have different amounts of time. No.8 for instance will have just 10 years and you will be back here. Number 3 will have 80 years and at times even beg to return here faster but a mission is a mission. Number 5 will have 30 years and before coming back here will beg to stay there longer and others will beg for him too. I think they call it prayer. But like I said, that’s what your mission entails – nothing more and nothing less. No. 4 for instance will have 50 years and we will give it another 38 years because we already know he will need all the time we can give him. Yes, it’s because of the way his body will be made to fit into the mission.”

Photo by: Nafise Motlaq

“Now here comes the kicker”!

“When you all leave here you will remember nothing. All that’s here will be forgotten momentarily until you get back and you will fear getting back here and try as much as possible to stay alive over there. They call it survival and self-preservation and classify it as instincts. It has all been programmed into the body and mind. Still, nothing can escape death in that world and sooner or later anything which lives in it shall die – and life is where and how we come in. We will infuse life and we will have it back. It’s ours and only made available when it suits our purpose.”

“All of you will have different missions and be governed by different circumstances. For example, Soul 31 will be born into a poor family and be malnourished so that his body won’t develop well. He will escape poverty and improve his life tremendously but he shall have his share of misfortunes, sorrows and happiness. Soul No. 3 will be born into a wealthy family who has all the comforts of life but she will have a low intellect and bring a lot of hardships and sorrows into the family. Soul No. 7 will be born into a moderate family and she will attain greatness only to be unhappy and sad half the time because the thing that she loves to have most will elude her.”

Soul No. 25 will be born with some problems with his body and worse still into a poor family. He will be physically-challenged but mentally-brilliant and will reach such great a height and benefit scores of people. But he will be lonely and love will be elusive for him; and he will be betrayed by those closest to him. So that’s what your mission is all about and whatever you garner would be included in the Grand Scheme.”

“The odd thing is that “people” or “humans” as what live bodies will be called over there on Earth, think they know and understand us and have all kinds of ideas about us. Why that is so is because the souls that are on a mission there have very sophisticated minds which are all linked to us and these minds have a tendency to question and reason and since souls are from us, we cannot escape total shutdown between our realm and theirs. Still, it would be very fuzzy and at times even baffling and confusing to them.”

“Over there, they have religions which are beliefs in our Big Boss but there are so many of those. In the past and before this mission, we have been sending great souls over there to lay the foundations for this thing they call religion. But those humans are meddlesome. For instance, our great souls on their mission told them not to forcibly sent souls back here and let us do our jobs but they have time and again blatantly defied us. Yes, they terminate those vehicles of souls or bodies and send the souls back here often way before their missions are completed.”

“There is also something they believe in over there and cast blame for all that goes wrong and they call it the Devil. It’s just one of our managers here who is in-charge of a different sector and they too have their missions and are actually working hand and glove with us to contribute to the Grand Scheme.”

“Your bodies will have a lot of limitations. Look at us. We can travel anywhere with just a thought but bodies can only travel so far and so slowly. Their physical might is limited. As a matter of fact, everything has its limitations. It’s just that some have more limitations than others but it all has to do with your mission.”

“But cheer up, there is an upside”!

“You all are privileged souls indeed because at the briefing halls in the far corner there are other levels of souls that are being briefed to be born as animals, mammals, fishes, insects, plants and other life-forms. You all are going in at the top of what they call the food chain. Over there, life consumes life to stay alive. Some are born only to serve as food for the others.”

Photo by: Nafise Motlaq

“Alright, the briefing is about over and now I will transmit information about each of your very missions and you will understand what they are. After that, I will entertain some questions from the floor and any among the 100 souls here may pose questions and I will answer what I am authorised to. Okay, question time, any questions?”

Soul No 9:        “I just received the information you transmitted and understand my mission very clearly. If I can remember it when I get there, it will make my mission so much easier. Is there any chance I can remember some of it”?

Consul:            “You nincompoop, I just told all of you that after this briefing and once you get there, you won’t remember anything. Now don’t ask silly questions”.

Soul No. 1:       “What is the purpose of this mission and why is it so necessary”?

Consul:            “Err….like I said, there are certain information that’s privileged as far as you souls here are concerned and this is a need to know only basis. Your job is just to go there and try hard to accomplish your mission and let the superiors upstairs worry about the rest”.

Soul No. 41:     “But if we can’t remember anything when we get there how in Big Boss’s name are we going to know our mission”?

Consul:            “You are trying to be a smart-Aleck, aren’t you? Do you doubt our capability? We will infuse into your body something called the inner-self which is closest to your soul. It’s like instincts programmed into you and somehow this will guide you to your vocation or call in life – to your purpose and to the accomplishment of your mission”.

Soul No. 65:     “Err…..I was thinking. My mission seems very hard all the way and with my body having limitations it looks like it will take a super-human to accomplish my mission. Can I communicate back here and request for some assistance”?

Consul:            “Of course. Since our purpose ultimately matters, we do from time to time use our powers to intervene. In fact we have a shadow soul for all of you. Many of those people down on Earth believe, though they have not seen, in this shadow soul and call it the Guardian Angel. It will keep an eye on you and more so since you will forget what your mission is after you leave here”.

Soul No. 9:       “If that’s the case, then why not ask the Guardian Angel to undertake and accomplish the mission? Why us if we are not going to remember anything”?

Consul:            “You again. Cheeky…cheeky…. You have your task and the shadow soul has its task. The purpose of sending you there is for us to know and for you to try to find out. Our superiors upstairs know the reasons and they are not telling us because like I said, it’s all a need to know basis only and you don’t need to know. But nothing is stopping you from trying to figure it out.”

Soul No. 77:     “So I am going to be a gambler but I don’t like gambling. Even here, I don’t leave things to chance so why should I do it there. Can I swap my mission with Soul No. 88 because it loves to gamble and always leave things to chance? It will be just nice.”

Consul:            “No can do! Like I have been telling all of you, and not once, you have been carefully chosen for this job. Don’t question our superiors upstairs or try to wriggle out of your duty. All decisions by them are final and not subject to reviews or negotiation. In the next briefing hall there are 100 souls like you all being briefed on their missions and the next; and the next; and the next……. And don’t be a rebel or the reaction would be to transfer you to the Devil’s department and there too, they have their missions!”

Soul No: 16      “Will we be sent back there again should we fail to accomplish our mission”?

Consul:            “Good question. As a matter of fact yes but not all too frequently because somehow, most of the missions are accomplished. Those humans call it reincarnation where the same soul adopts a new body. But don’t confuse that with possession because often than those people know it, the souls from the Devil’s department would possess some of these bodies, even with some of you souls in it in order to accomplish their missions. Some of them are destined for certain bodies from conception and will be born and off they would go to accomplish their mission.”

Consul:            “All right. If there are no more questions and your transmission to Earth is drawing close, the briefing will end here. Now don’t worry about how you are going to get there because we will transmit you all to your temporary homes which is called the womb and from there, you will proceed with getting used to your vehicles and move along. One last word – do not try to get back here prematurely as we will send you back on another mission and that will be 10 times harder.  Okay, this briefing is declared accomplished!”



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