Cascading Mountains

Valley of Ten Peaks by Gorgo

Gleaming from afar, they taper and undulate
exquisite charm they possess and exude
From the apex they ruggedly roll and cascade
entrancing with awe none could preclude

The Abode of the Gods some wilfully profess;
no man nor tool could carve such majesty
Capitulate to their splendid ambiance, I confess
to variant colours of nature in profound diversity

Magnificence behold and mesmerise my eyes;
they seemed so near I could wander a touch
Still they are colossus reaching for the sky;
for man they are God’s bounty; oh so much

For even the gravel and rocks are alive;
they move and shudder, colliding in thrust
That over epochs that evoke them to life;
without a murmur they erupt and encrust

Snow falls, they glimmer and gleam in brilliance;
and in the crimson sunset they glow like amber
Nightfall they subdue in hazy tinges and alliance
oh Lord, splendour I shall perpetually remember

My mind soars into divine dominion
for such boon enchant with calmness of heart
So engrossed I harbour an overpowering opinion
that this view I shall cherish till the day I depart

Author: J. Sam Barr

Greetings from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

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