Soaring Beauties

Rainbow Lorikeet Photo by Fir0002Flagstaffotos

Into the sky I fly
and soaring high above
my wings spread by and by
I am the one they call dove

Gliding high below the clouds
over the hills and jungle
my squeaks to some so loud
I am the one they call eagle

My nest devoured, sold along alleys
always swooping high and low
and across towns and valleys
I am the one they call swallow

Speak when I may, as some will say
yellow in part and sometimes henna
imitate voices and sounds as I may
I am the one they call myna

Flocking often in vast numbers
often perched on windows of dungeons
people feed me grains and fillers
I am the one they call pigeon

We all have wings, God gave to fly
and free we shall always be
but reckon as we may by and by
sometimes we’re caged for all to see

Beauty and innocence can be cursed
in a perverted world, love disperses
we destroy what we adore with greed
to possess and exploit till bleed

Author: J. Sam Barr

Greetings from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

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