Missing Love

Photo by Nafise Motlaq

Ravaged in the turbulence of a fiery storm
that cringes my heart’s and soul’s desires
From the far reaches a cry shrieks and perform
a blazing howl seeking its snivelling fire

 As the heart stands alone cold and shivering
looking for pacification; as elusive as can be
For the heart-warming love every life brings
but for me a whimpering whisper of “maybe”

I miss love as love itself; nothing more nor less
just as the birds, the bees; the furry and scaly
and all of world’s creatures whom God blessed
Two halves into one; as Yin and Yang tally

My heart scours far and wide; up and down
and delve deep into its depths of dimension
Knowing the answer is not within; I drown
in abysmal despair; the key is externalization

I can’t command love; force nor summon it
but only hope that it’s granted onto me fittingly
Until then I am only half a being; maybe a misfit
worse still, I may actually be existing sparingly

I miss the pulsation of two hearts as one
I miss the caress and gratification of unison
I miss the warmth and tenderness of someone
close and special; the one of no comparison

I miss the pride and assurance of being wanted
the feeling of being appreciated and missed
of being cherished, treasured and considered
and being caressed, pampered and kissed

As I commence my stride in this hardened world
I shall espouse faith and keen anticipation
in the phenomenon of miracles to mysteriously unfold
and grant me the simplicity of love in personification


Author: J. Sam Barr

Greetings from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

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