Consoling Angel

Painting from Aliexpress

In the beat of the night she arrives
when the day has quietened down
Spreading her fragile wings she revives
my battered spirit that’s about to drown

Stroking my weary head soothingly
she uplifts my decrepit spirit tenderly
And cuddles my drained body gently
murmuring assurance; she speaks softly

Such consolation is preciously tuneful
in a life that’s full of disorientation
With affection and devotion so beautiful
breathing life against mundane distortion

I unwind my aching sensations 
and retreat into a state of utter relaxation
Reaching deep into my senses and emotion
I succumb to total ease and isolation

She is a force of munificence and charity
with gracious compassion and kindness
She pacifies and she salvages my sanity
never aloof, she’s ever ready to harness

Insuperable as I sometimes do feel
till I am brought down to humble kneel
But my angel comes; and she’ll peel
off my pains from my head to my heel.

On most nights I’ll sleep just knowing
that my consoling angel is always near
With an aura reverberating and glowing
that in mind I shall have no fear.

It’s a positive vibration I adore
and one that I just want to implore
For I know it eases me, I’ll explore
seeking my consoling angel ever more   

Author: J. Sam Barr

Greetings from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

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