Close Your Eyes

Painting by Karen Nunis Blackstone

Close your eyes, invoke your imagination
Me gently holding your hands and walking
through shaded lanes of trees of invigoration
with greenery and valleys afar so soothing

Close your eyes and float into a dream
with lovely serenade of birds so powerful
Be entranced by gushing clear streams
and flowers so marvellously colourful

Close your eyes, be light and wish
See a land so calm and so redeeming
with a bounty of ray which shan’t perish
and our follies so afar, life’s so fulfilling

Close your eyes believe and yearn
the warm pulsation of dual heartbeats
Through the caress of souls – you’ll learn
that it’s just a thought away, no retreat

Close your eyes and let your mind soar
Fly to a land where pain doesn’t exist
and to a land where pure nature roar
and pure passion and life just persist

The solitude and solace of your mind
is where love has sight; sight has feel
Where even evil transforms to be kind
churning round, like a celestial wheel


Author: J. Sam Barr

Greetings from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

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