Visions of You

Painting by Karen Nunis Blackstone

Smiling joyously with those eyes of brilliance
an unforgettable face of sheer radiance
Invitingly almost teasing; looking in anticipation
happy and at peace in your sacred dominion

Visions of you are embedded in my mind
with portrayal of a kindred soul ever so kind
Bringing upon me a sense of fulfilment
making me restful in sheer contentment

So far yet so near; it’s just a thought away
words withheld become easier to say
Where all the pains of the world are in subdue
only happy thoughts which I can easily pursue

 There’s no place I’ll rather be than just wonder
in my present stance and let my mind wander
For here is the only place I really want to be
with visions of you; the only things I’ll see

Though the world is at war with itself
I find solace in solitude within myself
Keeping peace with only happy thoughts
and appreciating all good it has brought

In a crowded world we can still feel lonely
but imagination accords a place so homely
There’s music playing in the dead of silence
such divine tunes; such harmonic opulence

Coming in from the cold, it’s heart-warming
 and going back into the cold; it’ll be reassuring
Life’s a bitch but there are good moments
as simple as can be yet tryingly with events

But the peace of expression in your pictures
can calm the tides and so soothingly nurture
Bringing upon me better feel and better zeal
keeping all torrents at bay; and just to appeal

Those brilliant eyes are truly hypnotising
they keep troubles away; and are appeasing
Making what is hard seems easy; invigoratingly
and zestful; they are mysteriously rejuvenating

Author: J. Sam Barr

Greetings from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

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