Ode to Tenderness

Help me through the morning
it’s the emergence of a new day
When new possibilities are arising
as sure as a brand new way

Where yesterday is long past
only forward marching matters
Where we reach hard and fast
and hope again we won’t falter

Help me through the day
it’s the keep going on that counts
Roads to traverse and words to say
rivers to cross and hills to mount

Comfort me with your love;
quench my thirst with your fountain
Share my load and share my loaf
break barriers and move a mountain

Help me through the night
embrace me to make me warm
Let a little fire rekindle bright;
cusp me within your sweet palm

Whisper sweet words so assuring
and let my heart purr gently
Give me strength to greet the sun’s rising
and let me face another day obediently

Author: J. Sam Barr

Greetings from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

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