Ominous Portend

Photo by Nafise Motlaq
Photo by Nafise Motlaq

Lord, help me pass this day of sinister gloom
Through the passage of life grey and cold
With the icy rains falling from the sky; like doom
And the world growing lethargic and old

The streets of my life are sodden and sopping
As I walk in loneliness drenched to the bone
Sadness becomes so profound I’m sobbing
The pains I feel no one should condone

Oh Lord, answer my plea; put me on dry land
So little I need to make a whole new change
The chill I feel is no thrill but thorns on a garland
It’s like a cold, dark and deserted grange

The eerie echoes I hear are from my soul
Hounding me like an unfulfilled ghost
Boding torment they are menacingly foul
A timid cry surging from where it hurts most

There seem to be no cessation of yearn
Such foreboding spikes; they are injurious
Knowing many bitter lessons I’ll need to learn
But not knowing a moment if I’ll ever be glorious

The frostiness of my heart is excruciating
I am left breathless; I seek love’s conviviality
Often pressing, my pains are never depleting
Cast a speck of hope that I might be in geniality

But for now I plead to rest my head upon your lap
To allay my weariness and garner some ray
Allow me just a moment so that I may tap
Some faith from you and I’ll be on my way

Author: J. Sam Barr

Greetings from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

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