Photo by Nafise Motlaq
Photo by Nafise Motlaq

The girl cries in agony and her scream echoes
She has lost her family and she knows not
Where they have gone, leaving her helpless
She knows they love her no more; she’s wrought

She goes on seeking but her quest is all in vain
She looks everywhere and sits alone in despair
She pines for them and no one knows her pain
She knows that this world is anything but fair

There’s danger lurking in every nook and corner
For she realizes she is so weak, so vulnerable
And she sees strangers in demeaning manner
Her concerns grow and she finds it unbearable

In nobody she trusts for she has been forewarned
To be weary of the unknown; her instincts know better
When she approaches a house of worship; she’s scorned
Those in there were displeased and she doesn’t matter

She strove and sought shelter in the house of the law
There she was evicted for they refused responsibility
Grave injustice and atrocities there she saw
All that mattered was dispossession and mortality

She rushes to a house of shelter but was shut out
They have no more excuse for funding; no vacancy
She is somebody frail they could well do without
For they have no place for runaways and vagrancy

Finally she ran into a house of harlotry and sin; and let in
There she was welcomed for they took pity on her
The sinners and adulterers sought redemption for their sins
Casting kindness upon a lost soul was their redeeming power

Suddenly she awoke from her dream; eyes teary
It has been all a scary nightmare; she sigh a relief
But a lesson she indeed learned and she was weary
That her dream was not quite a dream but a belief

She realizes and accepts that her dream brinks on reality
That we live in an enigmatic and hypocritical world
One that harbours adversities and opposites aplenty
For below the veneer of deception lies irony untold.

Author: J. Sam Barr

Greetings from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

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