A Silent Prayer

St. Paul's Hill, Malacca
St. Paul’s Hill, Malacca – Photo by Nafise Motlaq

Oh Lord,

Give me shelter from the storm
and lead me away from harm
Provide me refuge from angry seas
and grant me even subtle peace

Shield me from the bitter cold
and throw me a lifeline to hold
Protect me from the scorching sun
and defend me against blazing guns

Harbour me from evil snares
and serpents ushering scares
Grant me the courage to tread on
so that I may not be overcome upon

Endow me with love and devotion
so that I may not seek donation
Bequest me respite and alleviation
that I may circumvent damnation

Pacify my lonesome and aching heart
and assuage me with a new start
Soothe me with your clean passion
and mollify me with acceding affection

Life can be as lovely as it can be treacherous
Love can be as pure as it can be lecherous
Grant me strength and solidify my repose
with it I can surely be wholly composed


Author: J. Sam Barr

Greetings from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

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