The Water Lily

Photo by Nafise Motlaq
Photo by Nafise Motlaq

She sits in wholesome weightlessness
floating as if in totality of blissfulness
Immersed in the essence of essential purity
as if being a redeeming message of divinity

She harbours upon the giver of life
in calm and cool water she thrives
As if being a message of creation
one that’s an outstanding ovation

From here to eternity she shall bloom
not knowing her hour of doom
For she radiates with such magnificence
captivating hearts and minds with opulence

Such beauty and grace she possesses
colours so pastel they begin to obsess
Just as life has its calming moments
from a turbulent world of events

Still she will retreat from time to time
only to emerge stronger and so prime
For she is a creation of lasting beauty
just like us, a creation no less mighty

Sprouting buds as she may, revitalising
fresh as the wind, curt and mesmerising 
For she thrives as she gloriously gives
comes a day she will cease to live   


Author: J. Sam Barr

Greetings from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

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