Little boy alone

Photo by Nafise Motlaq
Photo by Nafise Motlaq

A little boy sits alone in the rain wailing
looking confused not knowing where to go
He wanders, unsure, afraid and wanting
like a wanderer at the crossroads, oh no

Oh no, everywhere is utterly unfamiliar
and everywhere is totally so very strange
Even the scent in the air, oh dear!
the blurry sights seem quite deranged

Crying and cold, he’s soaked to the bone
and everybody just passes him by, unmoved
He’s scarcely visible much alike a cold stone
his plight’s doomed and he’s shoved

But somewhere a hand reaches out touching
as a glimmer of light and hope flickers
Clutching gently guiding him and assuring
that he’s in safe hands, such warmth triggers

Fear not, doubt not, for an angel is here
those words he hears so resoundingly
He knows that shelter and love is near
he mimics assurance clutching astoundingly

For in his darkest and coldest hour there
in the wilderness of hopelessness and despair
Still a hand reaches out from God knows where
giving him comfort, warmth and gentle care.


Author: J. Sam Barr

Greetings from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

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