Flower Lady


Comfortably, she holds the bunches high
as she walks she shows off her floral basket
Proud as she was; she still gasped a sigh
she’s on her way to the bustling market

Somewhere, someone, somehow
would love her graceful renditions of nature
Petals of splendid colours; it’s blooming now
fresh as dew;  it took a miracle to mature

A spectrum of vibrant shades, tones and hues
with petals of near perfect twirls and formations
Yellow, maroon, vermilion, violets and blues
these are gifts of nature in their sacred incantation

Bought and sold; often taken for granted
not realizing it took a miracle to create
From fields of bounty they are garnered
only to wither and perish as time dictates

Ardent lovers would gleefully acquire them
 as a gift in hand for the ones they love
Creating awe and appreciation in tandem
knowing it’s a gift through powers from above

Beyond such remarkable beauty lie fragility
tantalizing, they need to be handled delicately
For these wonders of colours are never sturdy
though frail, they still delight impressionably

The lady’s graceful and her flowers enchanting
she’s a reflection of charm and elegance
What a combination; how complementing
as if in a rendition of a beautiful dance

In admiration and fanciful appreciation
there’s melancholy and a sense of regret
When one lacks the person and resolution
to present to; who’d be happy to beget.


Author: J. Sam Barr

Greetings from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

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