Lamno, Aceh

Dawn of a new day; such uncontested beauty
drawing upon renewed hope and chaste possibilities
Where all life shares a new beginning growing lofty
feeling happy, zestful and full of proprieties

The sky elucidates with a splash of bright yellow
and the mist retreats revealing stark clarity
The air is so fresh and birds singing so mellow
all life burst in full bloom and blaringly chatty

As the flowers ajar in revelation, insects rejoice
the bees buzz busily in unison, butterflies flutter
And the creatures of the forest call in one voice
fishes swim and leap briskly above the water

Farm animals rouse and kindle joyously
even the mammoth trees crackle in awakening
The grass blossoms and emanate salubriously
and the whole atmosphere marvellously brightening

Nature’s ensemble plays with much celebration
and humans trek around busily trying to coup
The entire seas and lands arise in jubilation
the hands of the Creator uplifting us in a scoop

Sprinkling the breath of life across and throughout
in the exuberance of flourishing spontaneity
The world is blessed with this luminescent sprout
sustaining all life in earnest longevity. 

Author: J. Sam Barr

Greetings from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

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