A Moment in Eternity

Kashmir – By Nafise Motlaq

In a brief moment in eternity
time seems to stand still;
and entrapped in serenity
to instil and to thrill by will.

For this is a moment in life
we would want to cherish forever;
as if to etch upon our strive
and to forget it, we may never.

As time passes we hope it’ll linger
for such a moment is rare;
we just want it dragged on longer
immortalised as if in a perpetual stare.

A moment is nothingness in eternity;
it is even lesser than a flash
Yet when cherished it’s a vast entity
trapped in time, not a fleeting dash.

Even little things matter immensely
when they bring joy and happiness
For such moment is a moment of density
as if destiny planned such niceness.

Our pains we would want to forget
let time fade such aching memories
But happiness we want to beget
let time perpetuate such pleasantries.

Author: J. Sam Barr

Greetings from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

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