Tides of Change

Izmir, Turkey

The tides roll and move on; ride it
Through deeper waters to depths calmer
They bring you through change; take it
Till you become one with waters, warmer

 As you roll you’d stroll with time
Bringing you across many changes
Where you hear the winds chime
As though they were bells of chances

On and on you will go uplifted buoyantly
Seeing many things; seeing new norms
You’ll see strange marine life, astonishingly
As the colours of water transform

Many strange islands you’ll see and pass
From afar they will appear like emeralds
Many coastlines you’ll pass and amass
In the distance they twinkle and herald

But on you shall go venturing and seeking
Afar in your quest for your precious destiny
Over rock outcrops you will be trekking
Splashing with torrents and there’ll be many

It’s a journey of excitement and revelation
Of further changes; even through angry storms
On to calming seas bedecked with redemption
Where even the most dogged shall conform

Till you meet the sands of time; and be beached
There nothing shall matter, except memories
For all your invocations, you’ve reached
And all to say is your life’s inspiring stories

Author: J. Sam Barr

Greetings from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

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