Chapter 3 – The gods @ work & play

God means differently to different people and for the fact that he has names and is always referred to in the masculine context makes us wonder bewilderedly.  God is a simple 3-letter word that rhymes with “cod” and reading it backwards spells “dog”. Is it because the mutt is man’s best friend hence the undeserving affinity in referencing our Creator in the English language? Then again different religions have different names for “him” while some religions possess a multiplicity of gods. Further on, we shall try to understand their symbolisms.


Let’s proceed:

What is this DNA? The word is so long it’s a wonder any layman can remember it at all. What are the ions and protons, atoms and quarks, cells and nucleus, viruses and bacteria – and these things they call genes? Well putting it in simple layman’s terms, we call it “all the microscopic things – those we know are there but can’t see with our naked eyes”. What we can’t see, we tend to overlook and take for granted or even disbelieve. What you don’t see don’t bother you either. But wait a minute! These are so important not just for what their functionalities are but also in terms of the significance of size. No matter what size, they all play an undeniably pivotal role in our Universe.

Speaking of size, we all now know that the ant is in all aspects a giant since it understandably takes billions of those “small” things we have just been talking about, to make it. They keep the ant going and should natural demise takes place, they would have killed him too. In unison these small viruses, 1,000 times smaller than bacteria, can also kill the “galactic-sized” human being.

Contrastively, we humans look up to the mountains in awe and inspirational admiration. We are simply overwhelmed by them. We are so belittled and so insignificant that by comparative scale would not even be visible to the naked eye. Man can mount them but can never be able to embrace it in whole. Yet by blowing up portions of it with explosives, pretty soon the mountain is no more. Similarly, this is allegorical to viruses destroying us.


Compared to mother Earth, the mountain cannot be seen by the naked eye. Its size in comparison is so minute – so microscopic. So all we Earthlings, our entire world is nothing but an infinitesimal speck in our galaxy. For there lies billions over billions of stars, as there are grains of sand on all the beaches.

Microbiology is one subject dealing with minute life. Astronomers study the Universe – or at least they think they do. Microbiologists and astronomers have much in common although they are looking at different or polarised extremes. Regardless, they are peering into infinity. That is interesting but what has all these to do with God and religion? Everything I guess, for it deals with the subject of creation; it deals with the subject of life and the subject of entirety cum eternity.

To religious fellows, all these that they are part of, will cease to exist in their after-life – whether they are going to be resurrected in another dimension or a parallel universe – it certainly has nothing to do with what we are seeing or touching now. The varying theologies of “Heaven & Hell” do not exist in reality; hence ought to not exist anywhere in the physical universe as well. So where is God’s home? Where is the zenith of existence in this real universe? Now, let’s ponder a bit about the possibilities of Extra-terrestrials and UFO and GSD or ghost, spirits and demons.

There are virtually billions of planetary systems, stars, moons and planets in a galaxy. It is simply uncountable. Do you for one moment expect that Earth is the only planet with life-forms? If so, either you are blindingly conceited or purely unimaginative; or that God is outrageously wasteful. In essence, you would have been an ardently oblivious mortal to think that the Universe is nothing but a vast wasteland and that everything is there to support these meagre and wretched lives on Earth. Moreover, with humans and the world being so frail, then it would have all been a risky if not perilous gamble; and culminating in divinity being asinine, over-stretched and under-utilized. So, can the entire Universe be just for us?

As for the number of galaxies in the universe, there are estimated to be billions over trillions in numbers. This makes everything either very small or very large – depending on how you opt to look at things. Scientist will tell you stories and try to show how smart and knowledgeable they are on matters pertaining to the Universe. Some brazen fools have also come up with an equation of how big the Universe is. Now that is all either hogwash, conjecture and guesswork or a feeble amalgamation of the three. In actual fact, they haven’t the faintest idea except for some knowledge they have gained by watching through powerful lenses and basic mathematical analyses.

Distance in space is measured in light years – to say the least. What is a “light year”? Well simply put, it is the speed of light (speed / distance) traveling in one year (time). This means 186,000 miles x 60 (seconds) x 60 (minutes) x 24 (hours) x 365.25 (days). This translates to about 10 trillion kilometres per light year. The nearest star (outside the Sun) is some unimaginable 4.5 light years away. The nearest galaxy is Andromeda and that’s supposedly some 2.5 million light years away. Maybe, it’s time we coin a distance called “light–millennia” but the trouble is their lenses can’t see that far. Well, let’s make it 2,500 light-millennia away or better still 2.5 light-ma away where “ma” is for megaannus meaning a million years.

So do you still have the mindless or cheeky audacity to think we are alone? Now allow me to relate to you my very own beliefs and hence, my self-concocted religion – minus the dramatization and emotional blackmail and minus the abhorrence of what is characteristic of humans as well as minus the nuances of attempting to mislead to control the mass.

Man has come to accept that his body is only a vehicle for his life-force. He calls this life force spirit or soul. It’s easy to see that dead people are not the “person” we used to know. Rather, it’s a lifeless shell being discarded. The soul has gone but where to? In my view, the Universe is what I’ll call “omni-dimensional”.  “Everything” that exists is contained within it and there is nothing more except the Universe. In plain English it, is everything – much like what we want to think of God, that he is everywhere and anywhere. Even heaven and hell are encapsulated within this Universe. The unequivocal question is, where! The gradual death of a galaxy is all condensed in a black hole. This means that even “dead” matter still linger within the universe but has transformed totally. Last of all it turns into gas and the Universe is full of gasses although as scientists tell us, predominantly of hydrogen and helium.


When God created the world whether in moulding with his own hands, via some big bang or gradual erosion, the Universe was already in existence. Now don’t just belief what scientists tell you about how old the Universe is. They are only guessing and trying to peddle their wild guesses as credible scientific facts. The universe has been there since “forever”. Only not too long ago, Earth was created so that a selection of life forms can propagate here. It is divine purpose and logic – simple as that. This is not an accident or the work of somebody who or something which has nothing else better to do. Life is serious business! There is a purpose and most of all the purpose is not ours alone. We merely happen to be an agent posted here. That’s why they never asked you, not even once, if you wanted to be born, and if they ever did, then none of us can remember. Why is that so?

We all – including animals and insects – have built-in instincts and reflexes to sustain and preserve life. Life is sacred while we are all instinctively afraid of death. We all want to live and continue living and if possible for a long time and preferably free of trials, tribulations, diseases and impediments. Taking a detour, probably, these were the building thoughts of how heaven was fashioned for the believers and to top it all, some even believe in copious knee-buckling ecstatic sex in heaven.

The oft-insurmountable potency of sex is also evident that life’s meant to be propagated so that there would be continuity. Apparently our divine bosses have long-term plans. At the same time death is an on-going process. It’s everywhere in this physical world. Peer into the powerful lenses and watch how whole galaxies die as they swirl and get suck-devoured by black holes. Yet these black holes which are central to galaxies are also keeping in balance the momentum and equilibrium of the galaxies. This is galactic scaled natural demise.

So there is an endless Universe to explore? For the time being, we the most brilliant humans are only probing our solar system a little closer. My, we are beginning to discover more moons and perhaps there is water on Triton or IO. So don’t despair should some of us need to relocate there when earth becomes unliveable. In any case, if there is water here, then there must be water elsewhere too. Likewise, meteorites also contain minerals. We are all one of the same – sort of a chip of the entire old block!

When we were conceived in the womb, our spirit or soul traversed from “God knows where” into this new body. This is the vehicle that will carry the soul – after it is born – across many experiences until such time of its demise. Hence, life is inarguably nourishment, sometimes in the guise of punishment, for the soul. It is of set purpose how humans are designed, their strengths and weaknesses as well as their quirks and limitations. Creation is truly and totally mind-blowing engineering marvel.

This further goes to show that we are only expected to achieve very little in our lifetimes for our souls – yet our imaginations are allowed to wander afar. It’s just like recollecting memories of home while you are temporarily away. Our minds are more capable than what our physical self can ever achieve. This is the basis of imagination and creativity. Humans are designed to strive and excel – as if being sort of a divine experiment to study outcomes. It’s almost like a “beetle fighting” game -. pitting one against another just to see what they will do. Whether it’s entertainment or observation or sheer gambling on the part of the gods, seems like not our business to know. We just perform!


Our brains are wholesomely mindboggling as if being a challenge and in opposition with itself. They have a penchant to deviate as well. Basically membrane with a collection of cells, in actuation it is just a grey blob. Nevertheless it’s a miraculously wondrous blob.  It is just unimaginable what this blob can do and how it works and the trillions of connections keeping it functional. The intricacies involved and its infinite scope makes the brain a manifestation of a miraculous tangible entity that’s like infinity residing in our heads, yet just temporarily. It’s altogether oxymoronic since infinity cannot be temporary.

It acts as a trigger as well as a preceptor. It acts as an explorer as well as a probe. It acts as an infinite storage bin as well as a dispenser. It combines probabilities and interconnectivity – thus it creates. Moreover, it concocts fears as well as deploys defence mechanisms. It plots, charters, manoeuvres and overcomes. Isn’t it a miracle?

What does the insane “see”? Could they indeed be the chosen ones to venture like astronauts exploring new frontiers – except that this is the frontier of the mind? Or are they trapped in statelessness and timelessness? We don’t actually and can’t possibly know.

Looking at brains, there are a variety of brains. However all these variations of brains seemed attuned in accordance to their “duties” and vocations. I am pretty sure the bee – which inarguably has a brain – has its brain tuned quite differently from ours. What it perceives would likely be very different from us too. Yet ours are inter-linked in a way since we co-exist in this world. Sometimes bees, flies, mosquitoes, butterflies, beetles and all fly past us and on they go. Some can be a nuisance too and play “cat and mouse games” with us.

On the other hand, what about rats, for instance? They co-exist with us and learn of our idiosyncrasies sooner than we think. In a way too, they are communicating with us – that little cunning brain against our intelligence and creativity. And what about our cute pets – those button-eyed cats and dogs? Some people prefer having pigs as pets too. Now what about their brains? Attuned and inter-linked with ours? Evidently, God wants us to capitalize on our brains too. Chimpanzees are physically stronger to humans (perhaps at a ratio of 1:6) but we are more intelligent than them. Why the disparity and consequential compensation?

The message seems evident, in that we ought to be learning from each other and cooperatively live together in harmony. In mathematical comprehension and taking into account the thousands of species of life forms, the computation and coordination involved must be exponentially mind-numbing. What are all of us – the insects, animals, marine creatures and us doing on Earth? We call it living but for what and whose purpose?

Our brains capture all perceptions from our 5 senses, whether conscious or unconscious. It records all the things we have ever done, seen, heard, tasted, smelled, felt and thought of – even our dreams and nightmares! All of these are captured and transformed into memories and stored in the vast and deep abyss of our sub-conscious. In comparison, how huge a computer would one need to store and process information and visuals with such speed as our brains? Are we talking “gigs, migs or figs”? Who cares what these jargons represent since it’s mindless while anything can stand for practically anything should one wills it.


The soul is intangible. It has no smell, no dimension and no colour. It is not even misty or brilliant and seemingly has no form as well. It’s akin to gravity where we can’t see it with the naked eye yet it’s there and immeasurably influences all life on earth and beyond. Same goes for our imagination. We know that our imaginations are as real as the collective pictures it envisions.  Hence they exist. There is an infinite expanse in our realm of imagination.

So in practical thinking, we can quite accurately surmise that we have all been sent here to live our lives and die like flies. But is that all? Unmistakably, there are many unseen forces that revolve along with us. This rekindles the precepts or axioms of the mythical Horsemen of the Apocalypse.

They serve akin to our superiors in directorial and management roles. Some are minute and some in cataclysmic proportions. In a more recognizable interpretation, ghosts can be considered minute while hurricanes are cataclysmic. The mysteries of the magnetic poles, gravity, velocity and the likes are all unseen to the naked eye. Yet they are as real as you and me. So in reality, our existence consists of the seen and the unseen or visible and invisible. So we do have invisible realities.

The way God has designed things he has put in place many unseen forces to sustain momentum of life on Earth. In Eastern philosophies, they interpret these in the manifestation of a pantheon of gods, demigods and deities along with other conjectural divine references. They are all considered as the Divine and supremely superior to us. You can consider a Creator to be the force that helps humans to achieve creation of sorts. There is also the Destroyer with its harbinger of calamities and diseases and the one who helps humans to instigate to induce destruction, mayhem and carnage. This is what Lord Shiva represents in Hinduism. Within it is also the belief that through death rebirth emerges. Hence Shiva is also a Creator and more so since he symbolises sex and procreation.

There could be an “Inflictor” or a force which creates calamitous accidents – especially fatal and freak ones. He may have his assistants who are responsible for smaller scales while he goes for the big kills. Figuratively, this could be a personal accident as against an air crash claiming hundreds of lives. They baffle and petrify humans. Major accidents like the case of Chernobyl affect millions.

On a secondary scale, one that is more personal are the PLGA or Petty Lord Guardian Angel – the force you feel that is often around to aid you. PLBL or Petty Lord Bad Luck too – since this affects individuals personally and MLGL or Mini Lord Good Luck with his assistant MLWL or Mini Lord Windfall Luck. Positive forces work against Negative forces, so there is a constant strife to outdo one another. Winning and losing occur incessantly. As bad luck can cause you accidents which materializes on the laws of probability to affect only you personally, windfalls of sorts do occur and affect you personally too.

We know not to ever say never or “never say never”. It is said to tempt Providence and as if to be throwing a challenge. This old saying holds a lot of truth but is viewed by sceptics as avowed superstition. Still, superstition is typically born out of observations and experiences. So it’s basically an analysis after the facts.

A good segment of Easterners believe in virtues such as to think before you speak and not speak too loud as the observing demons can hear you; to watch what you say as you may actually get what you unintentionally ask for; and not to speak too soon lest you tempt undesirables to happen. Westerners and Easterners believe in what goes around comes around, “touch-wood” etc. We somehow harbour the belief that there is “something” listening and watching us as we speak or act. So could there be a “force” which continuously pose challenges to you and create snags and foul-ups? If so, then perhaps he can be called PLPO or Petty Lord Personal Obstructor. Consider yourself a positive manifestation and entity while he is a negative non-entity. Now we may be closer to being whole!

So, what about ghostly and demonic forces then? Surely they exist or are we perpetually hallucinating? Do they belong to leagues or are they lone rangers? Can they then be designated ML-FF or Micro Lord – Free Forces under perhaps an overload we can call LFF or Lord of Free Forces. If such is the case, is there such a thing as ethereal identification and census rolls? Otherwise, how are superiors to know who did what and when?


This is God’s ensemble of forces to keep things well in check and balance and meeting his purpose – whatever that may be. It keeps the harmony of life forces flowing. The philosophy of God’s workings is apparent. Gravity is prevalent throughout the Universe and inseparably integral to the formation of the Universe. This is indicative that the Creator or God as we generally refer to him (her) does not attend to matters personally but would actually create “managers” to run things.

We think we are masters of our own fate, have total freewill and think nothing is impossible. That is indelibly audacious. It can also be considered evasive and perhaps even imbecilic. Don’t you ever experience impediments, bouts of bad-luck and insurmountable obstacles? For others, your challenges are but meek – yet they have their own set of challenges as well and the circle goes on. Don’t you feel at times when there is just something holding you back, as if you have encountered an unseen opponent who seems to take joy in seeing you pressed or even fail? These are all very real indeed. Our lives are all controlled to a great extent and that is why limitations exist. Like we say, we are fighting our own demons.

Some people interpret it via Astrology – whose fundament is that all our lives are influenced by the “forces” of our neighbouring planets in the Solar System. Even our numeric fundamentals reflect 1-9. This is synonymous with the notion or in fact realization that we are directly influenced by our immediate environment.  Just as the Moon influences the tides, the other planets influence us as well. In a crux, we are influenced by our environment while Earth’s immediate environment is the Solar System. Hence Earth is directly influenced by the Solar System and we follow suit.

Buddha contemplated all his life – and indeed it was a long life since he lived to be an octogenarian – on aspects and reasons behind life. He reasoned on sufferings, cause and effect and in fact all aspects of life in as practical and wise a manner than can ever be accomplished. Jesus preached life and the after-life in his father’s kingdom. So did Prophet Mohammad since both are monotheistic Abrahamic faiths.

All of them combined have converted almost all of humanity. Is it God’s will? Or is it an entrapment and deviation as potent as all other deviations and challenges, options and temptations that lay before our life’s paths? Who is a false prophet and who is bona fide, among the many that have walked the face of this Earth? Who is a leader and who is a “misleader”, among the many that have led humanity? Who is mistaken and who is enlightened? It’s hard to tell.

Common sense will tell you that there is so much to explore in the universe but still most parts are simply inaccessible to the human being. You can design anything you want and make it travel the speed of light – even design something for teleportation and still you wouldn’t be able to reach even a feeble distance within the Universe. In actual fact, we are all imprisoned on Earth. Birth is the way in and death is the only way out.

We appear to have been sent here to be “moulded” and to “acquire”. Understandably it’s not acquisition of worldly possessions – as evident in the fact that you can’t take them along into your graves. Pointedly, it is to acquire more intrinsic and abstract properties – those that are not subject to decomposition and those you cannot grasp in your hands.

Doi Suthep-Chiang Mai

Earth is just a passage, a transit point. Your soul seemed to have come from somewhere and is en route to somewhere else. The temporary vehicle accorded your soul is the corruptible human body. It also appears that isn’t all. Some other souls who were sent here got vehicles such as animals’ and insects’ bodies instead. Are they on separate missions? It appears so. They all have noticeable varied life spans as if to indicate the duration of their tasks. We and them are sometimes clumped together to be referred to as sentient beings.

Perhaps, souls go through a staggered and sequential developmental transformation more or less akin to a “package deal”. They may begin incarnation in microbial life forms, perish and be reincarnated to the next level, on to insects, reptiles etc. before embarking on this final development phase of being a human. It’s the evolution of souls! Incidentally, Hindu philosophy delves into such beliefs.

After you depart this life, you may have accomplished most of the imperative tasks given to you plus taken some side trips as well. Well, that may have been your compensation and gratuity. This obviously would have included your freewill. Your soul would be relieved and the vehicle discarded. You would then be met by an “usher” who would guide you aboard a beaming portal for soul transportation and beamed across the Universe to a faraway corner and into a foetal stage of a distant life form. You become a superior alien. You may be a blob or a pulsating membrane akin to a distant planet’s creature they call jellyfish but of supreme intelligence. Well, who can tell?

All the commuting would have been accomplished within the speed of imagination. This time, you may be taking along all your previous unseen acquisitions as your fortified assets. You would have noticed that all through the time you were existing on Earth, your brain waves would have been online with God and that every acquisition of knowledge and experience you have ever made has been transmitted and simultaneously duplicated for his data bank. Just imagine the Mother of all Computers!

In essence, the universe is so vast and within it contains so many worlds and so many life forms. Life on Earth is but only one of the many destinations our souls would traverse. In this, it may well be that the mean-hearted would be beamed to a world of unspeakable cruelty, the good to a world of unending goodness and so on. It’s like what religious buffs portray as “Heaven & Hell”.

Who knows, the next life span may well be 1,000 years or even more? Like you and me, Buddha, Jesus, Mohammad and all the prophets, saints, long gone criminals and all the people who have lived here since the beginning of time, are all living in some other distant planet somewhere in the universe – just as we are living this life, this present time. Hopefully, we would all be galaxies apart.

That gives a kind of a good feeling, doesn’t it? Err ….…. I mean the various options for afterlife!



Author: J. Sam Barr

Greetings from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

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